The above representation is of two towers proposed to be built on Whitgift Street as part of the redevelopment of 8 Albert Embankment (this is actually three sites - the Fire Brigade Headquarters on Albert Embankment, the workshops on Whitgift Street and the corner site on Newport Street/Black Prince Road). The proposal is being made by the developer U+I working with the land owner the London Fire Brigade (which is part of the Greater London Authority (GLA)).

These two towers will over shadow Whitgift House, Old Paradise Gardens, Gabriel House and potentially Eustace House. The towers are 21 and 26 storeys, whereas in the previous 2011 application the proposal was for 13 and 15 storeys and that had a major adverse impact. The ground floor flats at Whitgift House lost 60% of their light. This picture shows the natural shadow caused by 2 Whitgift St ( 6 storeys) in the month of December, so these two towers will impact hard.
We are urging tenants, residents and surrounding neighbourhood to visit to express their view on the matter. Thank you.